Review 'Download Part 2'

Download 3rd day - Sunday

Every morning we wake up to the same routine. The dogs wanting to go out, and when our daughter is out at the grandparents it is usually a phone call from her asking what time we were picking her up. Today was no exception, but

Today was our 6yr olds first ever festival we were taking her to DownloadMe and Chloe at Download Often despised and looked at strange for her like in music, 'Steel Panther' and 'Motherload' but we wanted her to experience it with us. The reason she wanted to come today was, of '30 seconds to Mars'. Disparagingly, my parents got her ready in her steel kitten t shirt and we were ready for off. En route, even the 'are we there yet?' screams were for a better cause. Don't know who was more excited out of the 3 of us. We parked up, got her ticket and wandered with the zombies again to the arena.

First band we saw was the Cancer Bats who I love for the sheer audacity of playing a cover of 'Sabotage' by the Beastie Boys, but it's an awesome cover. As the cancer bats, came off stage we ventured forward under the zip lineZIP line at Download, down the rest of the hill, passed the crowd sat in the spot for the day towards the front. Yes, my daughter (all be it 6) wanted to get closer and closer. As any dad I obliged, tentatively because I knew what to expect, and didn't want my daughter to hurt herself in the melee. I need not have worried, as we got prime spot ready for Marie's favourite Coal Chamber. Chloe wanted to go on my shoulders so I obliged. Coal Chamber came on, Marie and the crowd erupted and I attempted to join in the activities by jumping with Chloe on my shoulders. Big mistake for the next few hours as I set a precendent. But I didn't know this at the time and we were all loving it. Marie was in her element and the rain kept off so even better.

Following, Coal ChamberCoal Chamber at Download was my favourites 'Five Finger Death Punch'. For those that aren't aware, I am proud Knucklehead, and proudly wore my 5FDP top at Download. But remembering the madness last time they were at Download, and their set getting pulled cause of the madness. I had to pull my daughter back. So, we went to other side of the main stage to find a spot to watch it all unfurl. F*ck it was awesome. Fast paced, energetic, Circle pits, everything you expect from a 5FDP show. Now, before the real shit was about to kick in after a few of Ivan shouting 'Five Finger' and the audience screaming back 'Death Punch'. Ivan asked for the kids towards the front of the show to come up on stage with him. Which Chloe was gobsmacked by and thought she should have been on stage with them. Ivan said that they didn't want the little ones in the family to get hurt so they could watch from the stage. The crowd went mad, I kept having visions of the last time at Download when they got pulled, and thought please don't stop them again. Next, 5FDP played 'Ivan says' with the crowd and as the 5FDP frontman said 'It is like Simon says, but my mum named me Ivan' \m/ 5FDP feed off the crowd, and when a little discussion went on between one of the kids as they left the stage and one of the stewards. Ivan spoke up from what the crowd was thinking 'If you touch the kid in that way again, I will personally break your nose!'. All I need to say for 5FDP is who the f*ck is joining me and my fellow knuckleheads for the arena tour with A7X. As Zoltan says on an interview after the set. They can get away with a lot more on smaller crowds. So you have been warned. \m/

Buzzing on from 5FDP, we decided to get something to eat, and make our way to see a few bands on other stages. First we caught Amon AmarthAmon Amarth at Download with there Viking metal. I love Turisas, and this was as good if not better than last time I saw Turisas. You so need to buy the new album. Next came, 'Rival Sons', don't get me it was a good set but seemed to slow things right down with their Blues rock. But I was buzzing and I wanted something more grittier to get my teeth into. Well, I didn't have to wait long did I. Next on stage were Ghost, now around the 2nd stage at Download Ghost had a confessional booth rigged up. And for those that aren't aware of them, they had a petition for the front man 'Papa Emeritus II' to become the next pope! That would have been just awesome. Not much is known about the clergy behind 'Ghost' but you don't need to. As the band came on it was time to confess your sins and worship at the feet of 'Papa Emeritus II'. Now, that is a religion I could get into. The Nameless gouls came on stage in their religious robes, playing their hard rock/metal inspired religion and it was ggggooooooooooddddd!! The Papa Emeritus II joined the stage in his Cardinal robes and G staff. The nameless gouls are based around the elements and each robe has an element emblem on it for each sign. The mystery of the band, synonymous with reigion just shone, and obviously the man upstairs like the belittling of religion to, as the sun shone for them. As a matter of course, the congregation the upheld the Sabbath were not disappointed. Long live Papa Emeritus II and his faceless gouls.

'and relax'..

Ghost at Download

'Not really'

Next to the stage, were going to be Hard Rock Hell VI headliners, Australian born-to-be rockers 'Airbourne' these guys are living the dream, that thousands of us dreamt of as kids. Emulating the classics Blonde, Bad, Beautiful to the songs of the new album. They only know of one way, the way of the Rock n Roll!. The gave a class on how you can produce a hell of a wall of amps, from back in the glory days, to putting on a proper rock show. They are living legends, and I so cant wait for their upcoming UK tour with UK band 'The Treatment'. It is never a dull place when Joel and the boys are around.

We sauntered to the main stage, to catch the last section of 'The Gaslight Anthem' before what both Chloe and Marie had come to watch Jared I mean '30 seconds to Mars'. Were they to be disappointed? Well, let's hear what Marie and Chloe have to say about it. Bearing in mind, the reason I am in agony days after Download, is 'cause Chloe wanted to get so close she had to be carried for the whole set. I mean over an hour of 30 Seconds to Mars including the jumping up where I had to leave the ground each time also. But it was worth it to see her face

This is what Marie has to say'.

This year's download festival was something I was looking forward to cause when I purchased the tickets the announcement that buckcherry were playing on the Saturday made me have to be there as I am a huge , however the week before the festival they had to cancel coming to the uk and has a massive fan I was totally gutted. So I was left with tickets to an amazing festival and no idea what bands I really was excited about seeing I had seen some bands before and none had wowed me so was a tad gutted. The Saturday was a great day apart from dodging the rain that is, we were lucky though and the main downpour was while we decided to look around the many clothing stalls so we dodged it well. We managed to catch broken who were great as usual and the black star riders were my highlight of the day. The Sunday was coming up and we had decided to take Chloe our youngest daughter with us and had been telling her about some of the bands she would be seeing, she got most excited about 30 seconds to mars and that had me intrigued. I had heard so many things about them but missed there show last time at download festival as they clashed with another band.30STM at Download As I am not a big fan of the headliners Rammstein I was looking forward to 30 seconds to mars.

The time came for 30 seconds to take to the stage and with Chloe happily perched on Andy's shoulders she was excited and I was as well cause I think Jared leto is sexy lol had to get that in . When the show started it was amazing the guys played all the hits and had the crowd jumping about and enjoying every track. Jarred at the end of the show brought some fans up on the stage and I thought that was amazing ( the girl who couldn't speak I thought was ace that was like me when I met and interviewed Keith from buckcherry so I totally got how she felt up there ) it was a moment that those people and the others in the crowd loved and the set was over in my opinion way to quickly but I know Andy was relieved as he could relieve his back from Chloe jumping on his shoulders and making him jump as well . she loved them and is defiantly a 30 seconds to mars fan now and I have to say I wanted to see them again they left me wanting to hear more and it's not many band that I say wow to but I was impressed and I look forward to going to see them again at some point soon .

30 seconds to mars play dates in the UK in November to book tickets go to live nation or Ticketmaster.