Gig Review: Pilgrim


On bonfire night we ar Eyes From The Mosh Pit, had I bizarre evening covering 2 gigs on the same night. I was sent to the Star and Garter to catch up with band Pilgrim. now unfortunatley this gig didnt seem to go planned as most people thought. Firstly, the band didnt get to the venue till late, when they were supposed to be on stage at 8.30. I had a chat to the Tour Manager when the band had arrived, and they had a series of unfortunate events that led to the night.

Now the gig itself, was full of anticipation and expectation and the crowd waited with baited breathe for Pilgrim to take to the stage. Even with the almost impromptu nature of them taking to the stage, the guys didnt let this disapoint. The guys brought their doom to the stage taking songs from their debut album Misery Wizard, playing a tight set list providing an atmospheric doom. It was an experience that everyone there appeared to enjoy, even though the setlist was short, the crowd appeared to be hooked. It was just unfortunate that the night started so late, whilst the crowd got restless and were getting impatient otherwise the night would have gone down better

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit