Review: Drowning Pool 'with Fozzy and Revoker NQ Live 20th April'

Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool are an American Heavy metal band from Dallas, Texas. DP are: C.J. Pierce – guitar/ vocals, Stevie Benton – bass/vocals, Mike Luce – drums/vocals and Jasen Moreno/vocals. Over ten years of playing experience after being launched into the limelight with their 2001 hit ‘Bodies’ have made the experience something to behold. I have to be honest I had a little apprehension to watching Drowning Pool, as the only song that I had heard off them was the infamous ‘Bodies’. But was I to do disappointed… Fuck No! The band were on a headline tour to support their new album ‘Resilience’ but as soon as the guys took to the stage, the place lit up. Playing songs old and new, the crowd helped out in there fullest. The energy levels never dropped throughout the whole set and sang along throughout the whole set. The new single ‘One Finger and a Fist’ was a personal highlight, giving you how to live your life. The guys from Revoker joined them on stage for the final song ‘Bodies’ which live was something to behold. A lot of bands are good live, and the albums are bangin’. Drowning Pool are an amazing live band, interacting with the crowd, and when the time calls, tears down the building. I may not have been a fan before the gig, but all I can say is that the album has now been bought, and with me it will always stay \m/


I had previously heard a lot about Chris Jericho’s band Fozzy. But sometimes you don’t want to be disappointed with the hype. I mean we saw the back end of their set when they played ‘Hard Rock Hell’ and it was a good taster, but the best was yet to come. A full on energetic hard rock/heavy metal set that never relented sent the crowd in to a frenzy, and a positive that the a band thrived off. Chris Jericho lapped up all the applause and crowd chanting ‘Fozzy’ in between songs. For such a short set, they left a huge impression… Highlights from the set include ‘She’s My Addiction’ and ‘Enemy’ listening to the musicianship, perfect deep harmonies, and the sentiments within the songs I could relate to.


These Welsh lads came to Manchester on back of this tour with these Rock giants. But they were not to be outdone. I caught up with these guys, check out my interview with them at NQ live. These guys were ‘locked n loaded’ are fuck they showed such stage presence and songs that epitomise rock/metal today. The guys say that ‘Psychoville’ is a riff machine that is Revoker through and through. I have to say, it certainly does and even got me singing along. These guys have the potential to knock ‘Bullet’ from there pedestal. Cant wait to hear the new material later this year.

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