Review: Born Of Osiris, After The Burial 'Leeds Uni 28th Feb 2013'

Leeds Uni played host to Born Of Osiris, Monuments, After The Burial, and the Haarp Machine.

On a busy rush hour shift from Manchester we set off across the Pennines to meet Born Of Osiris and After The Burial before their gig at Leeds Uni- Home of ‘Ghost Fest’. After an infuriating drive we arrived a little bit later than planned, and met up with the tour manager who gave use After The Burial first to interview. We had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Lee, ‘the man mountain’ who is After The Burials Bass player.

Firstly, Lee and I discussed what it is like to be at the home for Hardcore, Metalcore, the mecca that is Ghostfest. He explained that they played Ghost Fest in 2011 and loved it, and love to play it again. I then asked him about the name ‘After The Burial’ and where name came from. Lee stated that the name is an expression from moving beyond the bad things that have happened… looking with a fresh perspective on life. But is not about Zombies. I asked what genre of music he considers the band to be in. He explained to me that they have had tags of being ‘Progressive Metal’ but he would consider them to be ‘Heavy Metal’. Lee also said that the tour has been going really well, they are fortunate to be playing with great bands, performing at great venues, with great fans. Because they were playing at the home of Ghost Fest I asked lee about what sort of crowd does he prefer to play with? A Small intimate crowd or larger festival crowd? Lee says that he loves to perform and both sets of fans give him a buzz, and both have positives. Furthermore, I asked Lee what can people expect to see from a live show from ‘After The Burial’? He said that you can expect a lot of Energy, a party and an opportunity for fans to forget about themselves for the night and enjoy the show. After The Burial head back to the studio in April, Lee was explaining to record the new album, which should be out later this year, all being well. Lee also expressed, that he felt he was fortunate to do what he was doing, especially as he was brought up in a musical family, but felt that if he wasn’t in the band he would have been a waiter as he enjoyed that job. I also went on to ask how Lee felt about the rock/metal lifestyle and the stigma that can be attached to tattoos. He expressed that he felt the stigma was no longer there, as it has become more socially acceptable to express youself, through tattoos.

Next up to our interview table, was Cam from Boo (Born Of Osiris). Cam is the drummer in Boo and started off by talking to us about the tour, and how he felt that this tour was turning into one of his favourites already. He also discussed with me how it compared with the last time they were here in the UK with Suicide Silence. I asked Cam about the name ‘Born Of Osiris’ and where does the name originate from… Cam says that it is as simple as they named the band after the God of the Egyptian Underworld ‘Osiris’. From this we went on to discuss genres of music, as people like to pigeon hole people into sub-categories. Cam doesn’t like the subgenres as their music transcends different genres and subcategories so he feels that they play metal music, and that is a good expression of what they do. Fans of Born Of Osiris can expect to see a new album out later this year, as they head back to the studio in April to finish the compositions and lyrics. For people who have never really listened to Born Of Osiris I asked Cam which song in their repertoire epitomises Born Of Osiris, he answered ‘Follow the Signs’ from their last album, which was a single release and can be found on you tube. Previous bands have talked about rehearsing being a key to their success. Cam went onto discuss with me that most of the material in their set list doesn’t need much rehearsing as it is down to muscle memory as they have played the songs that many times, but when there are new songs to play they rehearse them till until again that the muscle memory kicks in. To my surprise, Born Of Osiris do not have a fan website, they use the social media site of Facebook for this. Cam expressed that this is because the social media is taken over the utilisation of websites, but he also said that it would have been nice to have a website but facebook is the key for him, who could blame him, it has obviously worked upto date.

Special thanks to Holdtight PR and Joe the tour manager for giving us this access to Born of Osiris and After The Burial. And a special thanks to both Lee and Cam who humoured me with the interviews. Now unfortunately this meant that we missed the first band on the stage, ‘The Haarp Machine’ who we have heard really good feedback about. But we just made it in with our press pass for After The Burial. Not knowing anything about the band, I have to say I entered the dragons den ill prepared for what I was to expect. Isn’t hindsight a wonderful thing, not only did the crowd participate and let themselves go, but I loved the heavy, hard, guitars, mixed with the tight backline. It is no wonder that these guys have played Ghost Fest before. Following on from these was, UK’s finest ‘Monuments’ who unfortunately we didn’t have time to interview. Who show a technical, polyrhythmic style likened to Enter Shikari, and Meshuggah. Matt on vocal showed a great affiliation with the fans when he left the stage, and kept the fans involved. Now, Monuments did something I never thought I would have expected from a metalcore esq band before… They came on to a Whitney Houston song which the crowd lapped up which was bizzare in the first place. Then on the final song they were helped out on stage by a good friend on stage with a saxophone. Both aspects made me smile, and the saxophone showed the rhythmical prowess of the band. Last but not least, Born Of Osiris took to the stage. The stage could only just hold the guys, it was such a small stage for a band like them, who at times appeared cramped on the stage, but what an individualistic approach to the set list which whilst watching you could envisage why they are classed under a variety of genres and sub-categories. All in all a really great night, with a great lively crowd, and fantastic bands on display. If people weren’t excited before, its got me more excited for Ghost Fest. Even though I didn’t know the bands well before hand I have now got the albums from Itunes, and are on my ipod. I give the gig 7/10.

Eyes From The Mosh Pit \m/\m/