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''30 seconds to mars with support from you me at 6'

30 seconds to mars and you me at 6 manchester phones for you arena 2013

it was great to see the band you me at 6 supporting they were amazing they got the crowd ready and waiting for 30 seconds to mars

they rallied through there classic tracks and they even created circle pits in the crowd which for us at eyes from the mosh pit is a huge favorite , we love that bands get the crowd moshing , i was shocked though as i was expecying them to be less heavy than what they were.

they encouraged the pits being made and the crowd went wilder, they anounced they would be touring in april 2014 and that they would play a track from there new album

they finished with a couple of there older tracks and the crowd loved it they thanked 30 seconds to mars for the support slot and wished everyone a great night

the crowd were left eagerly awaiting the guys from 30 seconds to mars

the lights went down again and the curtain put up came down and jard leto took toe the stage , they rallied through the hits like night of the hunter, search and destroy, conquistador and do or die to a eager crowd

the set was given a added twist byhaving some acrobatic spinning in a hoop and sumersaults on a see saw.

Jared came back on stage and sang hurricasne acousticfollowed by city of angels, e then got a fan onstage to anounce alibi and teh crowd went crazy again , they rallied through the killand vox populi ,kings and queens

and once again he got members of the audience up on stage.

the end of the event lingered in the air and the fans screamed to get more tracks played they sang king and queens with the fans onstage and said goodnight and left the stage to great applauseand chants fro more

the security got the fans from the stage area nad the band came out again to do the encore jared introduced shannon leto and tomo and then they sang bright lights, stay and ended the show with up in the air.

they left the crowd chanting bagain and the fans were happy .

all in all a great show and i definatly recomend catching them play live


review by marie

Eyes from the Moshpit

30 seconds to mars Set List:

1. Birth
2. night of the hunter
3. Search and destroy
4. conquistador
5. do or die
6. acrobats spinning
7. end of days
8. city of angels
9. convergence
10. hurricane
11. alibi
12. the kill (bury me)
13. vox populi
14. closer to the edge
15.kings and queens
16.bright lights
18.up in the air

Review:30 Seconds to Mars - Manchester