Album Review: Rob Zombie-Venomous rat regeneration vendor

Rob Zombie-Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor

Teenage noseferatu pussy.
Dead city radio and the new gods of supertown
Tevelation revolution
Theme from the rat vendor
Ging gang gong de do gong de laga raga
Rock and roll (in a black hole)
Behold the pretty filthy creatures
White trash freaks
We're an American band
Lucifer rising
The girl who loved the monsters
Trade in your guns for a coffin

This album is what I'd say is a typical album from Rob Zombie it's also a very theatrical album w1ith some awesome videos that accompany the tracks the strangest track is 'dead city radio and new gods of the supertown 'it's the most theatrical of all the video I i have seen so far from Rob Zombie and features the band with people listening to a radio , the concept of the track is great and freaky in a way it's typical of a Zombie track .

Its followed by the tracks rock and roll (in a black hole) which again gives the well-known drums and guitar riffs we all know and love from the band it's like being transported into your own black hole and its a great one .

The track that I like from the album has to be 'ging gang gong de do gong de laga raga' it's got a very funky sound to it that even though sounds more childish like in the title it is a hard hitting rock track with some funky lyrics to love and rock out to it leaves you wanting more from the rest of the album

'White trash freaks' is the next stand out track giving driving lyrics similar to that of the amazing 'Dragular' track the album so far has not failed to disappoint me and its all you could hope and more to expect from a great artist and performer , rob Zombie doesn't fail to leave his fans wanting more tracks and they get that from last track on the album 'trade in your guns for a coffin' the track is another track with the same sound you have waited for and typical of the rest of the album .

So to wrap the album review up I can honestly say that after you have heard this and rocked out with the tracks on this album all what is left to do is press the button so it starts over again it has to be my favourite so far and defiantly one of my favourite albums from 2013 . I have to give the album 9/10.

A newly created masterpiece of awesome creativity .

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