Album Review: Wretched Soul 'Veronica'

Veronica by 'Wretched Soul

Wretched Souls are a modern sounding Death/ Thrash Metal outfit formed inlate 2008. Think the love child of Black Sabbath and Cradle of Filth, and you won't be far wrong.

Following relentless gigging, the band have found an exciting and entriging sound melding numerous metal genres. This mind melting creation took on the critics at Bloodstock 2012 and won. These guys have also shared the stage with the likes of Orange Goblin, Savage Messiah, and Flayed Discipline. Next year the band are due to perform at Norway's Hostile Territory in January then play at Alt-fest later in the year.

The album 'Veronica' is released by Dark Lord Records, and has hit the shelves this week.The bands album launch night is at Camden Underworld on the 12th Setember.

When you press play no 'Veronica' you light the incendary, and you must prepare for the explosion. First up is 'Where Shadows Ride' which tears you another one with a riff Tony Iommi would be proud of, then add a concoction of Danny Filth vocals into the mix and you have the chemical reaction. and this reaction is everything you want from a Death/Thrash metal band. When the chorus kicks in, you have a cleaner melodic vocal range. These changes keep you wanting more

'Summon the Hunter' is next and the drum intro is a call to arms. Before a thrash guitar riff and fills that keep the tempo high whilst the track plays out. Next the title track 'Veronica' releases of tyrade at you as do 'Undying War' and 'Wounded Illusion'. 'Black Wings of Treachery' keeps the unrelenting pace through the mix.

Then when you think you might not be able to take one more hit, all i can here 'Once more to the breach my friends' as to coin an expression as 'The Unmaking' and 'Dash to Destruction' take you on the final assault. The album does exactly what it is supposed to from a Death/ Thrash metal band, it is bold, brash, fast-paced, mesmorising and superb. I never thought the genres could have been melded so perfectly, but 'Wretched Soul' have managed it to aplomb. I have to give the album 9/10.

A newly created masterpiece of face melting metal.

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Wretched Soul - Veronica