Review 'Wisdom of Crowds'

Wisdom of Crowds-

Track Listing:
2.Wisdom Of crowds
3.Radio Star
4.Frozen North
5.The Light
7.Stacked Naked
8.Centre of Gravity
9.Flows Through You

If you think you know 'The Pineapple Thief or Katatonia, think again. Wisdom of Crowds brings Bruce Soord together with Jonas Renske. Electro-Rock compositions mixed with haunting vocals and you are coming close. Bruce Soord has produced some amazing compositions for this album, similar to what the Pineapple Thief usually produce but mix that with Katatonia haunting melodic vocal talents provided by Jonas Renske, and you get a perfect hybrid of styles which tickles your heartstrings into wanting more and playing the CD on repeat. It has to be on one of my new guilty pleasures!! Something not usually on my radar, but still a great chill out listen \m/

I would give it 7/10

Eyes From The Mosh Pit