Album Review: Viza- Aria

Viza- Aria

Rock, Punk and the Middle East collide on Viza 2nd outing. The is the first release since Carnivalia, and when you combine the 2 albums you can see the transition from the band. A true to their heart montage of music combined with a maturity in musical production.

Viza have had a successful few months supporting the likes of Gorgol Bordello, Serj and SKindred with Soil. As with my recent interview with the band at the culmination of their UK tour with Skindred and SOiL, the guys are always going to stay in with their Midle Eastern themes.

A mesmerising live display combined with a music that cant get you involved. If you like the lunacy of Gorgol Boredello or Breed 77, you will love this album. Nothing can be showed more by track 5 'Viktor's Vanguard' for both lunacy and briliance.

How many bands do you know that play an 'Oude' which brings its own individualistic and sound that can be heard throughout the album.

Stand out tracks are :
Viktor's Vanguard
Foward March
Alley in Tijuana

I give the album 8 out of 10

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Viza - Aria