Album Review: Van Canto - Dawn of the Brave

Is just an ironic album title?? Metal music held together by a back beat of just Drums?? Excuse me, did I hear you right.

Yep, it certainly is, With a mixture of covers and new songs they are taking metal music to the masses with a completely different appraoch. A beautifully crafted mixture of musical ability. The one thing it appears to lack for me is a lack of screaming, wailing guitars, but that is just me and not what this band is about.

With the heady heads of musical cultures colliding (Rock and Musicals), whether this is right or wrong is another arguement, but Van Canto bridge this gap perfectly. When listening to the album, you get drawn in and get the feeling of nostaligia where you can see a significant change in approaches to music.

With one of the cover songs 'Winds of Changs' the band keep the feel the same as the original and sing it with pride. I feel that the bands are more of a productive force in a live arena. All in all, a good album but for me just lacking in the treat of the true guitar hero.

I have to give the album 6/10, a well produced album, but just lacking in some aspects of a great metal album.

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Van Canto - Dawn of the Brave