Review: Trucker Diablo 'Songs of Iron'

Track Listing for Songs of Iron:

1.Red Light On
2.The Rebel
4.Not So Superstar
5.The Streets Run Red
6.Lie to Me
7.Maybe You're the One
9.Rock Hallelujah
10.Highway Radio
11.When's it Gonna Rain
12.Shame on You

We have liked Trucker Diablo from the year dot. They have an awesome stage presence, life show, and great songs to boot. The highly anticipated album by the Northern Irish Rockers has lived up to the hype in a big way. Released through Ripple music, it is one the best albums of the year.

Hard edged in ya face rock n roll, with anthemic sing alongs. After watching the band live, the songs gives me shivers of how poetically balanced and produced they have been to keep the live edge. After Thin Lizzy decided not to record anymore, these guys stood up and took over the mantle. I cannot praise these guys highly enough. All you need to know, is that you need to have to go and get yourselves a copy of this album. It is as simple as this say 'It is the year of the truck, so you had better hop on'. Or from the live shows 'Drink, Beer, Destroy'.


I have to give the album 9/10

Eyes From the Mosh pit