Album Review: Tides From Nebula 'Eternal Movement'

Eternal Movement by Tides From Nebula

Throw all your preconcieved ideas of how a rock/metal album should sound at the door, then let me take you to a different place. Tides From Nebula are an Instrumental Rock band from Poland.

They play what I would call a soundtrack to moments of your life. What I mean by this, is when you watch a film you get the music to heighten your senses your viewing pleasure, assisting you to get more involved, more engrossed in your surroundings.

When I open the album, and close my eyes I can picture the scenes in my mind, and my thoughts play along with the music that I am listening to. So close your eyes, and lets go on a journey. An anthemic soundtrack to everyday. These guys have a knack of playing music that blends your pulse rate and senses to a crescendo. I never thought I would be listening to an instrumental rock band, and admitting that when I turn off, the music helps me paint pictures. Beautifully crafted by muscicians that let the music be the soul of life.

8 tracks to free you from the stresses and strain of life. Anthemic, creative, and bigger than the sum of its parts put together. 8/10 Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Tides From Nebula- Eternal Movement