Album Review: The Red Paintings

The Red Paintings- the Revolution is never coming.

Josh is back, I just can’t stay away, with another review for those who like their rock music very dramatic and with many layers

How on earth I am able to review this album I do not know. When one of the staff mentioned that he had an album that needed reviweing I only too gratefully enquired about doing it. He said that this band is designed for fans of Arcade Fire. Well Andy all I can say is you were right and then some.

The Red Paintings are a group from Brisbane Australia and are the brain child of guitarist and main composer Trash Mcsweeney. Trash is certainly not how I would describe this album. It is more than just an album it is a living breathing cacophany of sound that takes you on an incredible journey through soft mellow strings and finger picked guitars to then turning the screw and upping the ante by 1,000. Chances are after this album you will probably need a few seconds. And some alcohol like me, to allow your brain to process just what actually happened.

Are there any negatives to this album? Well yes no album is truly perfect everyone finds a song that could be better. The songs that didn’t grab my attention were It is as it was and the final track Rain. They sounded too normal for me. I know what your thinking...Too normal is you mad. Bear with me this is going somewhere.

The tracks that did stand out for me happened to be the longest ones and they were the fall of Rome and the revolution is never coming. At over 8 minutes each they couldn’t afford to be bland boring songs and thank the lord they weren’t. The mellow starts that lead into crunching string and guitar driven choruses are a thing of beauty. But perhaps the best track on the album is track 11 Deleted Romantic. It starts with what can only be described as the sound a Dalek makes when breathing (Yes for all you Who nerds I made a Dalek reference so sue me) and then the song reveals the melancholic and welcome sound of an acoustic guitar. It gives the album the more chilled out and quietly epic moment that the other songs didn’t. The piano melodies on top really do add to this piece of beauty.

This is not just for Arcade fire fans as there are plenty of elements to associate this band with, amongst others, Muse. The changing of styles and the beautiful tones of the lead singer’s voice really give a muse esque quality to this tightly knit and well constructed group.

You simply have to see this album because it will blow your mind I think. I’m not just saying this to rub shoulders with label execs I genuinely mean it. This is the sort of album which would sound grand live in a theatre. In fact The Red Paintings are coming to the UK along with Mindless Self Indulgence (I’m not a fan) and you can see them at the Ritz in Manchester on the 4th of December.

It's bold and subtle, loud but quiet and it’s the most epic sounding piece of melodic noise I have ever heard. You owe it to yourself to listen to this album right now. I know I intend too.

I rate this album 8.5/10

Review:The Red Paintings