Review: The Quill 'Tiger Blood'

The return of Sweden’s Stoner legend!

After successful touring all over Europe and first time USA (together with acts like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Monster Magnet) there won’t be any stage The Quill fear to tread. After returning to Sweden the band hit the studio to record their new album “Tiger Blood”.

The band’s core are the founding members Christian Carlsson (guit) and drummer Jolle Atlagic (ex Hanoi Rocks) who has built up the band in the early nineties. In the year 2010 Magnus Arnar (ex Ground Mower, Soul 78) became The Quill’s new singer. In 2012 the lost son Roger Nilsson (ex Spiritual Beggars, Firebird) returned after seven years to replace Rob Triches on bass. Up from the beginning the band’s only ambition was to show the world the extraordinary quality of their performances and to leave an enthusiastic audience.

„Tiger Blood“ is the seventh album in The Quill’s career. After „The Quill“ (1995), „Silver Haze“ (1999), „Voodoo Caravan“ (2001), „Hooray! It’s a deathtrip“ (2003), „In Triumph“ (2006) and „Full Circle“ (2011).


01. Freak Parade 02. Go Crazy 03. Death Valley 04. Getaway 05. Greed Machine 06. Purgatory Hill 07. Land of Gold and Honey 08. Darkest Moon 09. Sweet Rush 10. Storm before the Calm

I will be honest, I have only just found myself reaslising what Stoner Rock is. So my knowledge of the genre is a little bit limited. By first time I knowing watched a Stoner band was with ‘Orange Goblin’. But I know when I think the music is good, and that is the crux. If the music is good, it is good irrespective of the genre.

Now, I had heard of the Quill, but never associated them with Stoner genre. Now I have been informed different and listening to the album I can say that I love these ‘Stoner Legends’ fusing elements of blues rock, heavy metal and psychedelic elements, the album is foot tapping, head nodding triumph. My personal favorites are ‘Freak Parade’ and ‘Greed Machine’. These titans and legends of Stoner Rock epitomize all elements of the genre which such a style that makes you want to put the album on repeat and go back to it over and over again.

I have to give it a 9/10 as it is the best example of Stoner Rock around at the moment, I may be wrong but that’s why we all have opinions.

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