Album Review: The Deadly Romantics 'Sexploitation'

Thunderfuck and the Deadly Romantics - Sexplotation

We at Eyes From The Mosh Pit, have been slow to jump on the Thunderfuck bandwagon, but we are finally there. Think of the first time you heard 'Turbonegro', and for some old Lancaster Uni band 'Monkey Bucket' mixed in with classic rock stylings and you are almost there. It is bold, brash and puts its heart on its dirty, downtrodden sleeve. Everything about this band is in your face with songs like 'I'm a Rock Whore' and 'All Look the same', but it can be simply put in 2 words... F*ckin' Awesome!! You have to see this band live and get this album, good honest debauchery and sleazy rock n roll. If you love 'Turbonegro' you will love this band even more.

For its Balls Deep approach to sleazy rock n roll I give it a 9/10 \m/ Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:The Deadly Romantics - Sexploitation