Album Review: The Brew - Control

The Brew are a Uk based Classic Rock Band.

Combining heavy classic guitar riffs, with a soulful/ bluesy undertones. Simply put, It takes me back to a time when Rock was in its infancy, raw, bold and poetic.

Seducing, yet endeering. Gavily vocals, guitar riffs that Jimmy Page would be proud of, and a tight backline that keeps your foot tappingn and head nodding throguhout the album.

The album brings me back with Nostalgia, with even the tracks are labelled like I remember from tapedecks for example 'Eject' that is just starting to show my age a little bit.

This is the future of classic rock, and I love it. The future of Classic Rock is in safe hands. I give the album 8.5/10.

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:The Brew- Control