Review: Spill Sixteen 'Let It All Hang Out'

Track Listing:

1. Doing it Tonight
2. On My Way
3. Come With Me
4. So Cruel
5. Lovedrunk
6. We Stand Alone
7. Damned
8. All The Same
9. You Make Me Cry
10. By You
11. Kick in the Face
12. One Way to Go

These guys were flung into our attention at HRH AOR with their interview and subsequent raving reviews of their live set. These guys self-profess come from the Frozen North of England and Sheffield. Forged like the steel works before from a hybrid of other bands to show a similar steely nerve and sleazy damnation to the world with Punk attitudes of saying as it is, mixed with good ole Rock n Roll. The influences are there to behold, styling’s of Aerosmith, and Eyes From The Mosh Pit favourites Buckcherry. This is a well-crafted piece of art, keeping with similar compositions but the musical styling’s alter with the feel of the songs. These guys probably could get themselves into a whole lot of trouble by saying as it is. But I feel quite the opposite it is fresh air, no sugar coated tongues on this one. This album stands out as an album that no more needs to be said on this matter, you just should go get yourself a copy. If you do not get hold of a copy of this album by this band I would feel that you are missing out on some good Sleazy Rock n Roll. I would give this album a good 8/10.

Eyes From the Mosh pit