Review: Snakeroot
'Downtown to Ghetto'

Track Listing:

1. Generation Lost
2. Cut So Deep
3. Another Day Without End
4. Torn Apart
5. Crime
6. Roses Whisper Your Name
7. Runaway City
8. Sleepless Nights
9. Thief in the Night
10. Never Give Up


Album review- Downtown to Ghetto

This is Snakeroot's Biography taken from there Facebook Page

Love, passion, individual freedom, inner conflicts, rebellion and rock and roll define the philosophy behind Snakeroot's music. Blending hard rock, heavy metal, punk, melodic rock, and NWOBHM, Snakeroot have been inspired by many artists ranging from pioneers of hard rock to garage bands of the modern era.

Formed as a rock band in 2008, Snakeroot, following a number of line-up changes, joined their forces with musician and producer Cenk Eroglu (Xcarnation) in early 2010 to record their debut album that would take almost 2 years. The band's passion for music and Cenk Eroglu's craftsmanship made a great team to create an album that is full of soul and energy while Serhan Akalin (guitars) and Bulent Calli (vocals) standing out as the main composers and lyricists of the debut album which was also contributed by Ali Evcimen (bass) and producer Eroglu (also credited for lead guitars in Downtown to Ghetto) . Vladimir 'Kebac' Ruzicic (Neverne Bebe), having recorded all drums in his private studio in Serbia as a session drummer, was a key figure as well, who must also be credited for the powerful rhythm section in 'Downtown to Ghetto'. Especially, at a time the band was in search to hook up with a fulltime drummer to fill the rhythm section which would actually happen months later.

Snakeroot's debut album "Downtown to Ghetto" was digitally released worldwide on 14 January 2013 and is available at all major digital stores including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Snakeroot have been given airplay on Deuce Radio show broadcasted by KWSS FM 106.7 in the USA, Heart FM 96.1 in Spain, UWS FM Radio 87.7 FM in Scotland, Radio Andra FM 103.1 in Gothenburg, Sweden, along with a number of radios among which are Indie FM 103.1 in Los Angeles and King FM in Berlin since the release of "Downtown to Ghetto". The band have recently guested on Acik Radio FM 94.9 a local station in Istanbul for the show Rock on Rock during which they also performed an unplugged version of 'Sleepless Nights' the only ballad in 'Downtown to Ghetto'.

Snakeroot pledged to reach out to rock fans all over the world and establish a solid fan base from day one. To promote their music, the band have recently signed a promotion deal with Two Side Moon Promotions managed by Nicky Baldrian, and shot their first video for the song 'Roses Whisper Your Name' in early April. The video was launched via Youtube on May 18th, 2013.

Snakeroot will soon be announcing the tour dates for 2013.

The album downtown to ghetto reminds me of early Def Leppard and Bon jovi Edgy, beautifully crafted. In my opinion there are a few stand out tracks on the album, mainly 'Generation Lost' the opening track, 'Roses whisper your name', and 'Runaway City' but everyone has stand out tracks from every album. But each track stands out. Hailing from Istanbul, this band has something special about them. A great 'AOR' band in the making. If this band continues to make music like this, big things are destined from them like the bands that have influenced them. I would recommend this album and if you can I suggest you check the album and the band out am sure you will not be disappointed . We hope to see them live in the uk soon .

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