Album Review: Sister - Disguised Vultures

Move over the Murderdolls, here is a new pretender to your crown

A raw punk/metal band hailing from Stockholm. The band have been captivating audiences across the globe. This release through Metal Blade Records is no excption, and builds upon the necessity of giving the audiences something to chew over whilst the band are all over the world.

This bruising mix of punk fundamentals mixed with metal untertones squeals out, and makes you sit and take note.

You can see why Wednesday 13, took them on tour.. Brutality is on a mission to prevail as this band are here to stay. Whilst listening to the album, even 'Naked' the so-called ballad of the album will give you that kick that endures the balance of pain and beauty. But the rest of the album is fast and brutal. One of my albums of the year already.

I have to give this album 9/10

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Sister - Disguised Vultures