Album Review: Shylock 'Walking Tall'

Track List

1.Walking Tall
2. Rock D.N.A.
3.I Can’t Wait Now
5.What It Takes
6.Sad To Know
7.Sliding Through Emotions
8.Right Now or Never
9.She Came Along My Way
10.Right Now or Never
11.Away From Here
12.Touch My Soul

Shylock are just one of those bands Hard Rock bands that just have something about them. They play great sleazy rock tunes, which you cant help stamp your feet to. I have to be honest if these guys played Hard Rock Hell they wouldn’t go far wrong. From start to finish I keep tapping my feet along with the heavy rock beats, and gravelly vocals. Like Bonafide, they have an ability to provide lyrics that you cant help but sing along with. All else I need to say is find yourself a copy, and you find it an instant classic of European Heavy Rock tunes.

Find the guys through facebook, they are well worth a find.

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Review: Shylock - Walking Tall