Review: Sertraline: Bury The Ghosts EP

Sertraline are 5 piece alternative rock band hailing from Stoke-on-Trent. The band features 4 ex-members of band 'Blue Origin'. The bands features Lizzie on lead vocals, with Tom on Drums, Josh and Mike on Guitars and Hendo takes Bass duties.

Before planting for Leeds lass Lizzie, the band held auditions not sure of the direction. Then as the bands blog stats 'the sparkling personality that is Lizzie, bounced in and stole the show.' The mini-album/ EP is formed of 6 songs.

'Dead Set' opens the tracks. Heavy sleazy bass lines, heavy discerning drums, and destructive heavy riffage open the stage, before the delicate vocals kick in. The slow crescendo builds till the Chorus is screamed out in full voice. It startes the EP with a presence ready to melt your face. Jackyl and Hyde vocals, soft, delicate verse before the screams decent on the chorus.

If that wasn't enough next comes 'Not Enough' rampant backline, heavy melodic guitars build the track, before breaking down for the verse. the bridge is dark, ready for the intensity of the chorus. 'Mean to Me' follows and some say quite apt as the EP progresses as it provides an introduction of potential air guitar action with a fast paced high hit, then as the pulse quickens, the band kicks in, dark, heavy, perfect blend of what I loved from bands like 'Nutonic' in the early noughties. But the vocals seem to provide a more complexity from the band I knew from their previous existence as 'Blue Origin'. The vocal lines during the Chorus is like the angel singing what is right, but the devil screaming at you from behind.

Then just to give you a break is 'Colours' gentle, melodic, with a fairytale undertone (Beautifully poetic with a darker undertone). Lighters at the ready!!! Now I hopee you have all seen the video for 'Set the World Alight' which is a stonking heart wrench-out song. If you weren't hooked by this point in the EP shame on you. Finally 'All Choked Up' provides the curtain raiser. Intricate guitar licks, heavy dark backline and the mixture of angel demon vocal battle. I have to be honest this is constantly on in my car!. Love this EP, 9/10 from me, Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit