Review:Seether: Isolate and Medicate

Seether return with another hit of 90's post-grunge, alternative metal. This is the first album in 3 years and always stick to the roots that have served them well in the past with previous songs like 'Fake It' and 'Remedy'.

'See You at the Bottom' explodes the album into life, from where there last album left us. Soft verses, heavy chorus and angsty lyrics. 'Same damn life' provides us with reliving the time when post grunge/ alternative bands were at there prime, which is ironically befitting the lyrics.

Next up on album is the single 'Words as Weapons' haunting vocals. befitting the sountrack to 'Donny Darko'. A more sinister style of '30 seconds to Mars'. Reminisce back to Silverchair, Creed and you get yourself to the next track on the album 'My Disaster' a poignant reflection of potential darker times.

Ironically, 'Crash' is next. Slowing the album down to change the mood, from angst to potential changes/ The mood is set by the Strings that that transcend the emotion of the track. Hit 'em hard and heavy and you find the angst driven 'Suffer It All', followed by the clinical 'Watch Me Down' which is more of a commercial form like 'Foo Fighters' or 'All American Rejects'.

'Nobody Praying for Me' and 'Keep the Dogs at Bay' maintains the highly charged angst driven soul that befits the album. 'Save Today' is the final track on the album and it strips the band back to basics, acoustic guitar and vocals. Beautifully tragic to coin a phrase. Even when the band kicks in, it doesnt take away from the sentiment behind the track.

Overall, Seether do as they have always done. Providing a nostaligic back catalogue showcasing the high life of 90's post grunge/ alternative metal.

What is not broken does not need fixing, I give the album 8/10. Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit.