Review: Savage 'Sons of Malice'

Track Listing:

1.The Rage Within
2. Black n Blue
3. Sons of Malice
4. The Hangin Tree
5. Monkey on my Back
6. Junkyard Dogs
7. Blow
8. Waking the dead
9. Choose Revolutino
10. Now
11. Look at Yourself
12. Master of War
13.Fallen Idols
14.Holy Water
15.Better Believe It
16.Murder from the Skies

Savage NWOBHM album review 'Sons of Malice'

Who says British Heavy Metal is in recession.

This album is all that is good about NWOBHM . Classic rock/ metal grooves, great backlines, and powerful vocals that remind me of bonafide/motley crue. If the live show is anything like the album, you would not be disappointed with Savage. The album is high energy, high impact, get in, do the job, get out. Pulling no punches. I could see these guys on stage at Hard Rock Hell and fitting in perfectly. Sometimes the change in pace and bluesy feel is not in keeping with a NWOBHM but times change, styles change, as does attitudes. For me, it seems to give a slightly edged curve d ball which doesn't harm the album in any way, shape or form. All in all a good return.

I give it a 7/10

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