Review: Savage Messiah: The Fateful Dark

Every once in a while a band comes along that make you so glad to be a Metal fan, Savage Messiah are one such band full of crunching riffs, power & melody.

They are a hard band to pigeonhole as they seem to have their toes dipped in a lot of water such as Thrash, Power Metal & Heavy Metal with flashes of Hard Rock.

This combination really comes to fruition on this the bands third full album, having released a self-financed E.P. at the beginning of their career.

Right from the opening strains of first track 'Iconocaust' which more than tips it's cap to modern day Exodus, you know you're in a for a treat and this album does not disappoint.

It's great to know that Metal like this still exists in the UK, and it's a travesty for bands like this not to get mainstream recognition, but then again I'm sure they don't feel they need it.

In vocalist Dave Silver we have a real singer compared to most modern day Metal bands, the melodies are awesome and the vocals can clearly be heard over the searing guitars.

Dave's vocals really shine through on the slow and epic 'Live as One Already Dead' which is the standout track for me and proves that a track doesn't have to speed along at 100mph to be good.

Apart from the aforementioned 'Live as One Already Dead', a couple of other highlights for me (and there are many) are 'Zero Hour' & 'Scavengers of Mercy’ but this album needs to be heard as a whole, to single out particular tracks would be rather foolish.

Depending on which format you get, there are also a few interesting cover versions, namely 'Be Quick or Be Dead' (Iron Maiden), 'Lightning To The Nations' (Diamond Head) & perhaps the strangest choice 'Killers' by Motorhead.

I say it's a strange choice because it's one of the tracks from the modern day Motorhead, not classic era but that's why I like it, it could've been easy for these guys to play it safe with 'Ace Of Spades' or something like that but I'm glad they didn't.

To sum things up, this is the sound of a band that has matured musically with each album and you really must hear this to believe it, you must have this in your collection.


Reviewed by: Rob Aneurysm