Review: Saturate 'Damage the Memory'

Saturate- Damage the Memory EP

For those who don't know Saturate here is the bands biography

Formed in 2005, Saturate literally "hit the ground running" having one goal in mind: To "inspire" the masses by earning their part in modern rock culture as we know it. By blending smooth melodic riffing, heavy edge up beat rhythms, and harmonious, emotion filled vocals, Saturate is able to achieve all extremes of the musical spectrum in a tasteful way. But what stands out the most, is the live performance.. Its not about glam, gimmicks or choreography.. just pure, energetic, interactive entertainment.

The basis of the band was conjured up in New Orleans, LA. by Mike Mexas (guitar) who relocated himself to the Houston area in search of better opportunities, and musicians with a similar approach. Thus proving to be quite effective. A four song ep/demo was immediately released in which hundreds, if not thousands of copies were handed out as promotional tools. Saturate was soon playing shows 2-3 times a week and by the summer of 2006 their debut album "Soul Element" was released and soon acquired [independent] distribution. Saturate had become a well know band in the Houston and surrounding areas and by 2007 had began to venture out of state on small, independently booked, 2-3 week tours. The word was out and Saturate soon had acquired a broad, underground national fan base as well as a European following.

They have since shared the stage with many well known acts such as Korn, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Drowning Pool,Nonpoint,All that Ramains, Ill Nino, Otep, Nonpoint, Taproot and many more. Not to mention several national tours with close friends FLAWSaturate has just wrapped up their third album release (e.p.) titled "Damage the Memory" as a follow up to the 2010 full length album "The Point of No Return". Plans for 2013 tour dates are in the works as well as a fourth upcoming record, yet to be titled.

Saturate is:
Jimmy Miller- Vocals
Mike Mexas- Guitar
Lance Arny- Guitar
Hector Porras- Bass
Fernando Cruz- Drums

Now down to the new EP-Damage The Memory

This song reminds me of a demonic/horror rock song. Building up, breaking down, mixed with haunted vocals. Taking you on a journey venturing into sick and twisted games that you can play as you choose your path.

The songs takes the journey on a more mellow path, building up from simple/ harmonious backlines that could have been taken for doom metal. Then the chorus drags you in kicking and screaming into the middle of the eye of the storm all guns blazing like into battle, till you hit the verse again and everything quietens down only as you wait to pass through the eye back into the storm of the chorus.

3.The Waters Rise-
This track oozes symbology with guitar harmonics over heavy trodding metal riffage, a mixture of screaming vocals and harmonies that take you different planes. Even when the track breaks down to the guitar and phaser you become mentally prepared for the story to lead you back into the symbology of battle.

4.Damage the Memory-
stripped back simplicity of structures. Vocals and backing vocals interlacing as though your mind is talking back to you. Haunting doom metal guitar work leads your journey. Then in a classic composition in the style of bands like creed, the chorus brings in the heavy beats to get your heart beating quickly, before you are given the opportunity to slow things back for the haunting verse/ chorus combination.

5. In our Own Way-
Haunting piano melodies start this track, like a sombering realisation of what carnage has gone before. Until the band kicks in, screaming at you that the silence has gone and you are not alone anymore.

All in all a very accomplished EP which shows eclectic emphasises from Doom metal, through to death punk, through to classic metal. Haunting in its delivery, showing a delivery that can help catch your attention and drag you in so you forget your surroundings. All I have to give 8/10

Eyes From the Mosh pit