Review: Santa Cruz - Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz release there new self titled album 'Santa Cruz'. The band declare their genre as 'Pure Fucking Adrenaline', which is more than evident in the opening track 'Bonafide Heroes', which drags you kicking and screaming through wailing guitars, anarchic drums, deep grooves from the bass on the backline, with in your face lyrics as they say 'we all want to be bonafide heroes.

'Velvet Rope' is deep, dirty, funky, sleazy and glorious! need I say more. Whose remedy you say 'My Remedy' is all your need, an emotional heartache of adrenaline, drumbeats addictive like drugs, vocals providing serentity, and anarchic energy. Oh baby, like a drive by 6(66) Feet Under is a Fuck off to society, put your foot down, roof down, and music up.

Quicken the pace, to get the adrenaline flowing, then face plant a face melt of wailing guitars, then slow down to heavenly diplomacy of 'Bye Bye Babylon' as they sing 'paint your fantasies to memories'. 'We are the ones to fall' and 'Wasted and Wounded' are anthemic salute to a generation of adrenaline junkies. 'Let them burn' is an anarchic punk fuelled cry for promaniacs.

Vagabonds (Sing with me) does not let up at all on the hard-hitting adrenaline fuelled rock culture that has been layed in front of us on this record. This brings the hype together for the band who finish the album off with 'Can You Feel The Rain' which relents the fast paced album to an anthemic conclusion.

I have to give this hard hitting album 8.5/10 Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit