Review: People on Vacation: The Chronicles of Tim Power

4 years ago, an accident occured that formed a diamond from the rough. This band is quirky, arquid, honest, and can create songs about the good, bad and the ugly that generally bring a smile to your face. People on Vacation are Jaret Reddick (Bowling for Soup) and Ryan Hamilton a multi-talented awkwardly suited bandmate accordking to the Bio.

No matter how callous, cold hearted you are, songs from the heart people can find a connection with. People on Vacation deliver this in oodles. Everyone deals with shit, and these songs were written when Jaret going some difficult shit. Which is evident in the lyrics, which you can all relate to.

The opening track 'Don't ask the question' is perfect delivery of this. How many times have you been asked a question, but they didn't want an answer. Well, People on Vacation put it poetically and with empathy. Bouncy, catchy and a sentiment a lot of people should stick with. Following on from this, is an athemn to friendship 'Ive got your back'. Now for the religious synics in the world. People on Vacation pose the question 'You may not believe in god!', but they have proof. plus how times do you end up talking to someone on a night out and write there name in your phone with there number, but then question yourself. People on Vacation are just everyday guys, going through every day scenarios.

Ever had one of those few months when things go bad, and before you realise it, you have lost what you have lost? Well this is 'All ever really wanted', which is echoed with 'We shoulda made it' ever phoned someone at 3 in the morning, then realised why you doing it? The perfect sentiment is a great song.

'We all want what we can't have' is another great blend of songwriting about life mixed with stripped back muscianship. Love and retribution is a dish best served cold, and when People on Vacation do this with 'she's not you' dark undertones of showing why your new partner is better than your ex.

how can you put a positive spin on failing relationships. Jaret seems to with grear aplomb with 'I might change my mind' where he says that he shouldnt be in that relationship, but he could always change his mind, as we all can relate to in the few days post relationship blues. 'The girl I used to love' is a perfrect example of blinkered visions of relationships 'casue she is insane!' perfect.

'Punk rock world' and 'Journey to the end' bring 'The Chronicles of Tim Power' to the ironic end. A perfect sentiment to end on for the album is that you are not alone in this world. If you have a discerning ear for a good yarn, without the heavy thrashing guitars, pull up a pew at the bar and listen to the realisation that everyone goes through the same shit, every day as you do. To take a sentiment off People on Vacation... this album makes me feel like a 'Happy fucking idiot' chuckling to myself, reminiscing of past ventures and putting the album on repeat.

A perfect journey through your live as seen by 2 guys living how you do. I have to say honestly, I would love to create something as sublime as this. Why are they only just coming to my attention 9/10 \m/ Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit