Review: Papa Roach - F.E.A.R.

Wow doesnt time fly. This year sees the 15 year anniversary of their classic 2nd full length release 'Infest '

In those 15 years the band have grown, matured to the point we are at today. This album on first listen is the most complete album to date. Maybe I need to embelish, with musical maturity comes a more complete sound and the production on F.E.A.R. provides this. But, the compromise is that the ballsy, edgy sound that screams in your ears when you listen to 'Last Resort' and 'Angels and Insects' has been subdued and a whole persona can be found on the new record.

With this musical maturity has come with a songwriting talent that talks about nostalgia and hindsight with songs like 'Skeletons' as Jacoby sings 'we all have out skeletons'. These sort of traits we have seen before with bands such Motley Crue whose early albums had a raw edge, then as the years progress a full wall of sound greets you in abundances.

The bands have managed to mix a variety of subgenres, hardcore, metalcore, rock, punk rock, and metal and ammalgamated them into a decree of intent.

As with 'Love me Till it Hurts' they have broken the cycle and the curse and created something that will 'Face Everything and Rise'. The Rawness may have gone, but the wall of sound is more evident and a maturity with the songwriting which is evident of a life lived. Quodos go out to the band, they have accomplished something some bands long to strive, I have to give this album 9/10 Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit