Review: My Dying Bride 'The Manuscript EP'

My Dying Bride are a English Doom metal band hailing from the Yorkshire town of Bradford. Having released numerous critically acclaimed album, this new EP has come to our attention from the good people at peaceville records who have been working with My Dying Bride for numerous years. If you want to know more about the band check out


1.The Manuscript- Is a deep, musical exploration through atmospheric doom metal with classical string arrangements to heighten your senses. The vocals are very much in the style of Henry Rollins with the spoken word. The simplicity of the song plays and toys with your senses. Then in classic progressive style changes tempo to alter the mood and senses surrounding this song. Then song finishes in a classical guitar layered style.

2.Var Gud Over Er- Hits you in the face like a speeding train, a heavier, in yer face number that explodes on to the scene, with pounding drums, heavy riffage and vocals to boot. Then shows a progressive element by slowing the track down by lightening the vocals and drums before guitar riff fills provide a counterbalance.

3.A Pale Shroud of longing- A progression in the introduction to bring in all the elements of the band, with some signature layered guitars with the impending doom of the drums. The track then breaks down, to another simple structure, or guitar, drums and string arrangement. Then you follow an interaction between the string arrangements then the guitar arrangements as though they are talking and communicating to each other. Eventually the vocals come through with the impending doom of the storytelling.

4. Only Tears to Replace Her With- Spoken word opens the song, the band fill in where the spoken word ends to express the down trodden nature of the song. The impending signature of the track kicks in with the crashing of the cymbals. Then in an atmoshpheric style the vocals and band symbolise everything that the title of the track sates. It is like an atmospheric death march symbolising the pain and torture that the story telling implies.

Overall, it is very much a clever What You See is What You Get EP. Beautifully created musicianship and storytelling very much akin to the styling’s of Doom, that these icons of the genre show with oozes of mastery tinged with simplicity. I give the EP 7/10.

Eyes From The Mosh Pit