Album Review: Kill Chaos - Promises Promises

Promises by 'Kill Chaos'

Kill Chaos are an alternative rock band hailing from Sheffield, and Mansfield. 'This 3 piece are a demonstration of either sheer will or sheer stupidity' according to Darren the bands guitarist.

The influences from bands they like for instance'Biffy Clyro' and 'Future of the Left' are clear to see but they have put there own spin on the music which have led to talks of an incendiary live set.

In essence, foot stomping, high energy, fast paced alternative rock. Songs like 'Futures' are reminscent of early 'Jimmy Eat World', and 'Satellites' is a mix of Biffy and Jimmy. It reminds of the first time I heard All Eyes West.

If you like Jimmy Eat World, Buffy Clyro, All Eyes West meet your new favourite band. I give the album 8.5/10.

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

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