Album Review: : KaiDeka –Blissful Image of a Dystopian Vision

KaiDeka -Blissful Image of a Dystopian Vision

Release date -18th may 2013.

KaiDekA are:
Jamie Gill- drums
Tom Heath- Bass
Curt Nash- Guitar
Lewis Allen- Guitar

Being asked to review this album I checked out the bands background as they were new to me I do this as I listen to the album for the first time as it gives me a feel for the bands background . The band are a 5 piece thrash metal band from Cornwall uk. They formed in 2008 and have had success supporting bands like Romeo must die , Evile and the defiled to name but a few .

The band have independently released there debut album 'false idols and pyrite thrones, later re releasing it on rising records .

After listening to the album a few times the stand out track from the album has to be 'shackles of the flesh, its sound is similar to machine head with the heavy drums , mixed with the hard hitting vocals from Dax Partridge it fits in with the bands sound, his growling lyrics on the other tracks are great and overall id say the album is one that continues to grow on you the more you hear it.

I think that people that follow bands such as machine head and lamb of god will love this band they have great energy that is infectious and the drums and guitar sound stays strong and continue through the album .

I have enjoyed the album but I think I would get more of a feel for the band from seeing them live and if you get chance to I would defiantly would go as from clips of footage ive checked out on you tube they look awesome live . I have to give the album 7/10.

Thrash metal at its best .

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