Review 'Hornet'

Hornet- Skies are falling

1.Skies are Falling
2.Down to the Bone
3.Second Hand Smoke
4.State of Emergency
5.Under Pressure
6.Bite Down
7.I'm Gonna be the Man
8.Drive On
9.Sweet Lips
10.Rock n Roll Riot
11.Storm The Gates

Punk/Rock amalgamation. Punk attitudes with classic heavy rock riffs are what you get with Hornet.

This is evident with the opening track 'Skies are Falling', imagine The Sex Pistols with AC/DC and you are not far wrong. Energetic and explosive. This is the next generation of Hard Rock, and by god we salute you. Down to the Bone is taken from their self titled EP, and boy it screams at you, whilst giving you a kicking at the same time. Downright dirty, and it's good. My god, the album is unrelenting. Big beats, great heavy back lines, and the attitude makes you stand up and take note. I mean the guitar licks, Angus would be mighty proud of. Even the mighty cowbell makes an appearance on Drive On. A great hard rock album wouldn't be complete without a cowbell, and it is there. Everything you want in a great album is here, foot stompers, tracks to piss your neighbours off with, air guitar moments, and sing along anthems.

I have to give this album 9/10 it is everything I want in an album. Instant classic \m/

Eyes From The Mosh Pit