Review: Godsmack: 1000hp

Godsmack return with their new album '1000 hp'. Hard hitting, fast-paced, dirty heavy rock. Hailing from Lawrence, Massachusetts formed in 1995. They have almost 20 years in the business and dont appear to be slowing down.

Opening the album with the title track. '1000 hp', It gives the albums intention in one hit. Dirty, heavy guitars, tight back lines, and attention grabbing vocals they hit the nail on the head. Next up is 'FMP' a sedate layer of guitars, lay you into a false sense of security till the band roars into life. Everything you love about the hard rock/ alternative scene is here.

Now its time for 'Something Different' ever felt like you have something missing in your life?? Like, this album? 'Something Different' catches the attention with the sentiment of life. 'Something wrong, something wright, something, missing.' 'What's next' gets the foot stomping instantly, then the head goes, instant perfection.

How do you fill a great rock beat, blend it with great bass line and hard edged guitar riffs, and you get 'Generation Day'. 'Locked and Loaded' follows suit and I get lost in the music.

'Livin in the Gray', 'I Don't Belong' and 'Nothing Comes Easy' carry on the gratuious heaviness. 'Turning to Stone' is the penultimate track and it bring the senses down but only just keeping the heavy Godsmack vibe. 'Life is Good'.. what a perfect sentiment to commpliment an perfect album. Great backllines, dirty guitars, and vocals saying you should 'Get drun...get is good!!!'. This is not a cliche, but this is a perfect accompaniment to any hard rock/ alternative fans collection.

This is my sort of album. 10/10 \m/ Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit.