Album Review: Ghost.B.C.- If you have Ghosts

If You Have Ghosts by Ghost

I first came across Ghost (B.C.) at Download festival, with alot of commotion about this band, and there attempt for Papa Emeritus 2 to become the next pope. But that is all that people know about this band.

This band spread the word of the unholy and everything sacriligious through the medium of Rock music. This devil-worshipping ministry, have a new member of the religion, because this EP is transfixing and hypnotically epic.

If only hymns were this good, then everyone would be religious. If you have a void in your life, you need this album in your life. With songs like 'Crucified' and 'If you have Ghosts' you will be converted quite quickly.

This is my new religion.

9/10 Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Ghost B.C.- If You Have Ghosts