Album Review: For The Imperium 'Hail The Monsters'

Helsinki, Finland’s finest ‘For The Imperium’ return this March with a new album titled ‘Hail The Monsters’ and UK tour with Breed 77. The First single to be taken from the album is ‘Sudden Death’ and anyone who had bands of 2013 from Metal Hammer will know the song ‘Northern Rampage’ was listed on there.

For the Imperium burst on to our scene with the album ‘For The Imperium’ released through Lifeforce records, but this time the band from Finland who are signed to Warner. The first album as no surprise was like it had been given birth from Dillinger Escape Plan. Heavy beats, gargantuous bass lines and superb signature licks from the guitar. If you didn’t get a copy you missed my personal album of the year. Now, since then I have been itching to see them show the monsterous energetic live shows and the release of the often difficult 2nd album. Both of which I get to do this year. But before the live show lets discuss the 2nd album.

The biography from the website states ‘Stylistically the sonic map of “Hail the Monsters” looks like a crime scene of an exceptionally gruesome axe murder, with ten separate victims; perpetrated by a demented gang of four unsubs. And these mother-truckers are repeat offenders to boot.’ They seem to have uncanny ability to smack you across the face if you are not suspecting what is to be laid out before you. They have a musicianship to be able to jump between musical genres mid song to provide a get in, get out approach to their albums, to leave you wanting more.

Some albums follow a suit, a genre, a method of approach. Not these guys, think carnage, blood bath and you will be getting there. The opening song is called ‘Take a breath’ and sure that is what you should before you take a step into their world. Falsely, the title gives you the wrong approach to the album. The title ‘Hail the monsters’ is far more fitting.

Track 5 ‘Heaven Shall Fall’ is a jackal and hyde song, starting like it should be a call to arms, then as it builds leads to a dub-step approach before the insanity really kicks in with the guitar solo’s which you feel that the fretboard must have been on fire with the ferociousness and speed at display. Then slows down to a folk like approach, engrossing hell yeah!. How do you follow that, well according to the law of FTI you need to provide a heavy set which would be befitting at Hammerfest, think Hatebreed but with a more colourful musical music. Defo one for the monsters in all of us. Maybe we should think of the album in a musical from Broadway collection where the songs tell different parts of the story. The new single ‘Sudden Death’ is that a sucker punch to send you spiralling down to your knew. Leaving you with delirium, and tenderised by the pitch harmonics.

Track 8 is likened to the an introduction from fellow Scandinavian folk metal bands like Turisas, but then the monsters come back from the haunting vocals to become a heavy sleazy rock track, but with the envious FTI stamp of authority. Till the end of the album including Filthy Animal is a rollercoaster of music adventure mixes genres and abilities, ‘Filthy Animal’ would not be found a miss on an Enter Shikari album. Then as soon as the blood bath has started it has ended.

All in all, a sucker punch to the chops leaving you in a bewildered delirious state, I love it. Any on that is not fixed upon mixing genres of metal you will find this album challenging and the rewards are there to be seen. Imagine Download festival and the lineup, mixed into one album and you will not be far wrong. A band whose live performance has got to seen to be believed.For The Imperium can be found through their website or through their facebook pages.

I would give this album a 9/10, and an instant hit for this year.

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Track List

1.Take a Breath
2.Northern Rampage
3.Victim’s Day
4.Sexual Advisory
5.Heaven Shall Fall
6.Army of Death
7.Sudden Death
8.Satan De Gor Ont
9.FRNDSHP is over
10.Filthy Animal