Review: Fallen Arise: Adeline

'Are you afraid of darkness??' this says everything about the album. A scintilating monologue to lay the foundations to the dark, symphonic metal that is laid before me.

Spyla and Chris play of the vocals as if an angel is playing games with the devil in your mind. The backline from Thanos and Aggelos lay the backdrop to the tracks with Frangiskos lays down the hard hitting overlays and scintilating guitar solos that add the further dimension to the album. The only thing left is the symphony created by the keyboard playing that bring the horror ladden edge to the symphony.

Think sense and sensibility does horror and you may have the mystique that becomes Fallen Arise. The whole album would lay wake to a film soundtrack. You could almost play through film in your mind as you listen to the tracks. The classic tale of love, death, tragedy, and the curse.

a tragic tale this is not, it may not grab your attention at first, but this grows and grows till your imagination plays it out in front of you. 7/10 Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit \m/