Review: Evil Scarecrow: Galactic hunt

TBFM's best British band of 2014. Evil Scarecrow released Galactic Hunt. Finally I got round to listening to this Parody metal band.

People may remember my interview with the band at Hammerfest which didn't exactly go to plan. Where I asked regarding the new album, and asked about how to save the recession. The answer of course was:Triple dip ice-cream. So, you can imagine what the album was going to be like.

To be honest, TBFM hit it right, forget the parody band they are a true British metal heavyweight. The albums opens up with 'Excelsior Mali Formidi', which is something from the depths of 'Valhalla', before the we should 'Rise' with the war cry of crashing drums, heavy hit after heavy hit with added depth from guitars and vocals. You shouldn't have to ask the question which they pose 'Is it time to rise?' Fuck yeah it is.

'Space Dementia' is mix of science fiction and science fact produces heavy metal gold. 'Galaticus' maintains the flow. The immortal 'Crabulon' follows. Time to shout it...come on 'Crabulon...Crabulon...Crabulon' summon the beast. Hail the musical symposium that is 'Frankenstein's Mirror', Symphonic guitar with vocal harmonies and that driving drum sound.

'Book of doom' and 'Dance of the Cyclops' appear to bring the shanty back to parody. from pirate shanty to nintendo does thrash metal... 'End level boss' is Mortal Kombat meets Parappa the Rapper with a Cradle of filth twist. a sign of my misspent university life. 'Flight of the Dragons' and 'When Moses Goes Wrong, maintain the high temple leding to 'Enter the Knightmare' a throwback to my teenage life. Dare I enter? Fuck yeah! I wanted to be a dungeoneer to take on Lord Fear. Evil Scarecrow have taken on the difficult second album, and beat it into submission. You can see why it was voted TBFM's album of the year.

I have to give the album 10/10, it reflects on my youth, and is just a perfect blend of what they are all about. Roll on Hammerfest!!! can't wait to see them live again. \m/ Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit