Album Review: Estrella 'Come Out To Play'

I don’t usually do reviews as not that many bands wow me, the last being Buckcherry and that was a while back now. However after seeing Estrella at HRH AOR at the weekend I was defiantly wowed.

So wowed that I got the album and it was straight in the car CD player for the journey home. The album entitled 'Come Out To Play'. Was released back in May 2012 and is Estrella’s debut album. The first track on the album is 'Chance Of A Lifetime' and is a great feel-good song you can’t help but sing along too it’s that addictive my six year-old daughter loves it and is constantly asking for it on the iPod . The album continues to make you think of what bands are influencing the guys as you can hear so many it just continues to get better and better. Next up is the title track 'Come Out To Play' and it’s a great track with, again, a mixture of influences flowing through it that give it the 80s band feel. It’s an album that makes you feel like you have stepped back in time to the late 70s, early 80s and the vocals of Paul Gunn resemble an early Stephen Tyler and you feel like it's early Aerosmith. The guitar riffs throughout the whole album make you want to definitely come out to hear the guys play its catchy and a great feel good album that leaves you still wanting to play it over and over, its like an early Van Halen. I have had the CD now 3 weeks and it’s not been of the whole album is just amazing and I’m defiantly wowed. Stand out tracks are 'Chance of a Lifetime', 'Mona Lisa Smile' and 'Do It Til' We Drop'.

Estrella are a 4 piece rock band with 70s and 80s musical influences and includes brothers Paul, Nathan and Luke Gunn as well as Leo.

Estrella are playing HRH Ibiza and are also at the Scottish festival Les Fest later this year.

We interviewed the guys at HRH ARO and the guy’s video interview has been transcribed and will be available on this site shortly. They are also our band of the month for April.

Marie - Eyes from the Moshpit

Checkout the official Estrella Website
Listen to track 5 from the album below.

Track List

1. Chance Of A Lifetime
2. Come Out To Play
3. Party
4. Mona Lisa Smile
5. Shout (I Want to Hear You)
6. Do It Til' We Drop
7. One Love
8. Rocker Lily
9. She’s Got It
10. Last Mohican
11. Whatever It Is
12. What You See
13. I’d Give It All
14. Don’t Forget Me