Review: Escape The Fate 'Ungrateful'

Escape The Fate are a post-hardcore band hailing from Las Vagas, Nevada. ‘Ungrateful’ is the bands 4th album. The band has evolved from their first release which showed a more emo, darker sound to now where there is a heavier rock/metal sound. If you have to describe the current sound you would have to put a metalcore/alternative metal genre akin to bands of a similar ilk such as Motionless in White and Falling in Reverse.

Craig Mabbit fronts the band and has famously said that they draw influences from all genres and good music is good music, whether it is old or new. That is a sentiment close to our hearts here at Eyes From The Mosh Pit. The title track of the album was released in February as their first single the video can be found here Escape The Fate- Unforgiven which is a song about bullying and victims of bullying, and how it is a vicious circle. Always a band to wear their hearts on their sleeves and with lyrics to match. They aren’t afraid to write about matters that others could shy away from. The album itself is as brutal as the last song you hear, driving backlines, guitar solos that sing out, screaming vocals, all that you expect from a post-hardcore American band. For all going to Download 2013, this band is a band you all should go and watch. A solid, strong album that should be added to your collection for anyone that loves Falling in Reverse. This could be your next favourite album. We give it 8/10

Eyes From the Mosh Pit