Review 'Cyroshell'

'Cryoshell' in a nutshell.

Greetings all you hard rockers and monsters of moshing this is my first ever review for Eyes from the Moshpit and today I will be talking about the album Cryoshell by Cryoshell released through The Leaders records a greek based company with a label in Japan.

Hailing from Denmark Cryoshell are made up of four members. The quartet are Christine Lorentzen on vocals, Kasper Sodolund on lead guitar, Mikkel Maltha on bass and Marting Pagaard the drummer. Cryoshell was originally released in 2010 and was promoted over a period of two years. Reviews so far for this album have been positive.

However on reflection when listening to it I felt disappointed. There's no knocking the ability this band has it just wasn't for me personally although I can hugely respect the influences that Evanescence and Lacuna Coil have on this band to name but a few. To people who are fans of this type of music there's a lot to like slick riffs, pounding drums and very dramatic almost end of the world themed lyrics.

That apocalyptic feel is obvious when listening to the songs that contain stringed arrangements. Bye bye Babylon (track 2) and Closer to the truth (track 5) are the standout songs interms of stringed arrangements as they add a film score like quality to the songs. It's the sort of arrangments which wouldn't look out of place in an intense disaster movie you can close your eyes and imagine burning destruction all around as a city falls and these two tracks with the use of the strings capture that perfectly.

Minus those two and a couple of songs on the album such as Come to my heaven and the final track Gravity hurts this for me is an albm that lacks the variety of most records of this genre. Sure there are strings and piano elements to accompany the main body of the music but I guess I was expected, personally speaking, a seven minute grand metal song made up of about four different moments. I was also not impressed with what sounded to me like auto tune in some of the tracks. Christine's voice has so much potential to reach the higher echeleons yet auto tuning just made it sound bereift of life a little.

Who am I to argue with critcs this is after all an opinion and for all the strengths it has (The riffs on Bye Bye Babylon being one of them and the variety on Gravity hurts) there is for me a little bit of weakness through auto tuned voices and sometimes a couple of songs that have potential to go further and don't

I'm giving this album 7 out of 10 as the potential is there for exspansion and they stay true to their influences...But it's always nice to being a bit eccentric isn't it.

Track listing: Creeping my soul, Bye bye Babylon, Trigger, Feed, Closer to the truth, The falling, The room, Come to my heaven, Murky, No more words, Gravity hurts.

Josh for Eyes from the Mosh Pit