Review: Chasing Dragons: Faction:prologue

The alt-metal quartet release the faction:prologue EP in preparation for the full album release later this year. A short explosion of what to expect. If you havent heard of Chasing Dragons, if you bring Scarlett Riot to your thoughts you wont be far wrong.

The EP opens with 'Devil in her eyes' an portrait of a woman scorned, fast paced backlines that 'rev' would have be proud of mixed with enigmatic storytelling vocals that entrap you.

'The Mutiny' hits you like a disdemeanour. Intricate guitar overlays scorched on top of a more heavy hitting backlines, playful vocals that have a keep your friends close, and you enemies closer feel. They are to Yorkshire as to what Obsessive Compulsive are to Manchester.

Finally 'Whitehorse' drags you kicking and screaming to the end of the EP. Imagine Lizzy Hales pride, and passion over avenged sevenfold backline and you will know what to expect. The only critiscism is that 3 songs are not enough... We need more... More I tell you!#! \m/ Andy 8/10 as was left feeling stranded after 3 tracks. but the anticipation is extrmely high.