Album Review: Cayne 'Cayne'

Cayne’s self titled, debut album is released through Graviton Records.

Taken from Cayne’s website: Cayne is a creature with six hearts encased in a single body, and with as many variations which comes with the atmosphere their music creates.

The year 2011 marked an important milestone for the band with the release of their EP “Addicted” and an Italian tour of eight dates supporting Lacuna Coil. “A fantastic experience” says Giovanni Lanfranchi, playing keyboard and violin “and a dream’ come true. Sharing the stage with Lacuna Coil and to be able to share the fruits of our labour to so many people, was really important for us. The response of the audience has been very positive and has allowed us to expand our fan basis. Not to mention that Lacuna Coil were amazing, true friends, who made us feel at home wherever we were.”

Since, Cayne has been paving the way for an album that will be out early 2013 and will simply be titled “Cayne”, as if it were the first album and a new adventure starting from scratch.

Cayne was actually formed in 1999 by Claudio Leo and Raffaele Zagaria, former guitarists and founding members of Lacuna Coil, after they decided to leave the band in the aftermath of the release of the Eponymous album for Century Media. The duo immediately gathered its forces to create this new band and signed a record deal with Scarlet in Milan to record their first album. This first release is the full-length “Old Faded Pictures”, which was released in 2001. In 2002, after the tour to promote this album, the band takes a step back and remains dormant for the next 4 years. Thanks to the encounter of Claudio Leo and Marco Barusso (guitarist and producer) the project has slowly been brought back to life from 2006 onwards. Since, the current line-up has gradually evolved to what Cayne is today, with Guido Carli (drums), Giovanni Lanfranchi (electric violin and keyboards), Andrea Bacchio (bass), and Giordano Adornato (vocals).

“After over a decade since the release of our debut album, Cayne has now completely been transformed. Where I composed most of the songs back then, we are now experimenting more by merging our musical experiences and backgrounds and letting ourselves be guided by instinct and the vibes that arise during our sessions in the studio. The result was overwhelming from the start, our intention has always been to return to the scene, as soon as everything falls into place. That all started to happen in 2011 and we now feel we have delivered a record equivalent to a sound bomb” says Claudio Leo, the only band member left since its inception in 1999.

“It was worth the wait for everything to come together as it did. In fact, the new songs are still based upon some of the old sound coordinates, but also explore new paths, where heavy rock and melody blends, adding modern rhythms and enriched by the sounds of electric violin and other electronic contaminants.” Tragically Claudio passed away at the age of 40, after a suffering from a fatal illness, only a few weeks before the release of the album.

This album delivers a unique impact combined with unforgettable melodies and supported by outstanding technical and musical skills, which form the ingredients for a recipe that will satisfy all those who enjoy heavy music …. and …. those who favour melody thanks to the depth of the vocals by Giordano Adornato and the inclusion of the electric violin and keyboard parts by Giovanni Lanfranchi, who is also a true showman and spearhead for the band on stage.

The album starts with ‘The Strain’ a instrumental scene setting machine that builds up to a crescendo, that leads you perfectly to ‘Waiting’. Driving hard rock beats, Catchy riffs, and overdriven guitars sets ‘Waiting’ on a good path. The opening lyrics ‘What did I learn today? I got a safe place for my grave’ set the dramatic motion of the song to fly. You cant stop your foot tapping, and getting involved in the song. Track #3 is ‘Don’t Tell Me’ starting with dirty, sleazy over driven bass lines, with back line not unfamiliar with one of Guidano’s favourite bands Buckcherry. The lyrics tell you everything about the song in a nutshell ‘I’m too tired to listen to your shit’. The perfect balance of breakdowns that encompass the sentiments of the song, like the song is tempting the devil to come out to play. ‘Together As One’ has a piano led introduction which reminds of ‘Train’ but then the great backline kicks in, a truly anthemic, inspirational song. Sentimental song writing, with the hard rock train that keeps on kicking out. Track #5 ‘King Of Nothing’ keeps the steam train rolling, immediately taking you by a stranglehold, only slowing down for the melodic, anthemic Chorus before tearing it back up. I have to be honest, this track is one of those I cant stop singing! ‘Little Witch’ is the 6th track, slower, darker the mood is changed as this song kicks in, lead through with a soulful Violin solo. ‘The Princess of the world have you found your ‘Little Witch’. Beautifully understated.

‘Deliverance’ is next bringing back up the tempo. ‘Addicted’ is just down right heavy and gets your foot tapping from the word go. The perfect balance of deep, dirty backlines with driving rock riffs, and with a great song writing sentiment to boot. Next up ‘My Damnation’ which builds up in way not to unfamiliar by London’s finest ‘Eso’ beautifully crafted and anthemic to immerse you in the emotion they want before kicking you in the teeth. Track #10 is ‘Through The Ashes’ is a wall of sound that wouldn’t go wrong in a soundtrack to a horror film. ‘Black Liberation’ and ‘Evidence’ follow on both heavy, dirty, and keep on the train moving on. Finally, on the horizon is ‘Like The Stars’, with the recent tragedy in the band may show a slight different translation but again is slower, anthemic and so created that you get washed away in the sea of noise. A track and sentiment to make you forget your own troubles.

An awe-inspiring beautiful creation, if I was to write a new album…This is the album I would want to write. It hits home with such sentiment that I want to shout it from the rooftops. This is one of my albums of the year, an instant classic. You have to listen to it. It is a shear delight, and an honour to have met and interviewed this band at Hammerfest.

Cayne are: Giordano Adornato, Marco Barusso, Claudio Leo, Giovanni Lanfranchi, Guido Carli, and Andrea Bacchio.

R.I.P. Claudio, this is a true testament to the music of Cayne. Never to be forgotten.

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Review: Cayne 'Cayne'

Track List

1. The Strain
2. Waiting
3. Don’t Tell Me
4. Together As One
5. King of Nothing
6. Little Witch
7. Deliverance
8. Addicted
9. My Damnation
10. Through The Ashes
11. Black Liberation
12. Evidence
13. Like the Scars

Interview: CayneCayne
interviewed at Hammerfest 5