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Singles club pledge –

This was a pledge release that started back in July it covers a 6 track subscription that are rock covers that the band love and is spread over 6 months releasing a track to pledgers every month, the pledge has so far been a huge success with fans now wanting a Cd copy of the singles rather than just the download option that was given at the start of the pledge. So fans have got their wish come true and there are now some limited edition Cds on sale through the pledge. The cover versions done by the band are secret till there release leaving fans guessing. The prices are great for the pledges and you could choose some extra items with your pledge with items such as signed cds, t shirts, lyric sheets, custom tattoo designed by the band and more amazing things like bowling and a meal with the guys and even lessons on drums with Xavier or bass lessons with Kelly as well as time with josh and Keith but the more amazing the extra was the more expensive it goes. I’d love to do the meal with the guys before the show as I think it would be awesome and as a huge fan of the guys it would be a once in a lifetime to hang out with the guys but you need to be able to do it when the guys are free so us in the UK are limited with it mainly aimed at their American fans it’s a bit gutting it would be great if they added extras to their pledges when they announce their UK tour dates so us uk fans can get the same goodies but never mind a girl can keep wishing. So anyway once your pledge for the tracks is in then you get a track each month to download. So here goes for the tracks that were released, Kicking the singles club off back in July was the cover of the Rolling stones classic ‘Beast of burden’, the second was Small man, big mouth by minor threat third track is I’ve done everything for you written originally by Sammy Hagar and recorded by Rick Springfield, rock and roll damnation the Ac/dc cover is next and the last one that was released for November was Rod Stewarts Hot legs cover. The last pledge single is the INXS track Devil inside and this is really good it’s got to be one of the best covers on this pledge and it’s got a good vibe to it as well

The tracks are all fab covers and the best in my opinion has to be hot legs josh sings it in his own way and it sounds great and cheeky like the original does but with josh's own unique twist its followed by I've done everything for you the Rick Springfield track .From feedback most fans seem to have loved the rolling stones and Ac/dc track best but they are all fab tracks and the guys cover them all well. The only one I personal dislike is ‘small man big mouth’ as I don’t like the original version and am just not a fan of that track or the band minor threat so to me this track is more irritating than anything and even though Josh does the cover that’s great I just can’t bring myself to like the track .The latest addition to the goodies on the new pledge is a limited number of cd’s entitled ‘Buckcherry singles club volume 1’ there may be more singles to pledge for coming soon so fingers crossed there will be more and we will see a volume 2 from the guys or maybe the live footage dvd the band have talked about will be pledged .I for one know a lot of people would love to see that or any other Dvd the band may decide to release. If you still haven't pledged then there is still a chance to do so and maybe grab some fab goodies along with the tracks so head over to to grab yours now there’s some fab goodies up for grabs at great prices so you can’t lose.

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Review by Marie Mayes

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