Album Review: Buckcherry 'Confessions'

Buckcherry return with their new 6th studio album Confessions, based around the Seven Deadly Sins, the first single taken from the album was ‘Gluttony’ which is also the first track of the album. ‘Gluttony’ is a down, dirty, sleazy rock n roll song expressing the perils of drink, drugs and sex. With dirty backline from Xavier and Jimmy, with guitar work by incompromising Stevie D, and Keith. The catchy vocals are provided from Josh in his own unique, style. Wrath comes next with some slippery bass hooks from Jimmy, heavy bluesy riffage intermingled with some foot stomping drums. Josh seems a more restrained on this track. Nothing Left but Tears is the 3rd track, where Buckcherry make some good use of building up the intensity through the verses till the burst of expression in true Buckcherry style, before they strip it back before building it back to the maximum. Then the bridge is layered beautifully to see the chance of mood and emotion mid song before giving it back with both barrels.

Next up is ‘The Truth’ where the song is slowed down like they did for the song ‘Sorry’. Still a strong beat, but lighter guitars mixed with more raw emotion from Josh’s vocals, letting the lyrics stand out. Impeccable musicianship and a perfect way to create a change of feel, as the band take their foot of the pedal. The next deadly sin is ‘Greed’, a good beat, down dirty overdriven guitars, with lyrics that tell the story like a chapter in a good book, telling the perils of being driven mad by greed, many a mans Achilles heel. ‘Water’ is Josh’s swansong in story telling of how falling in love is both a gift and a curse. ‘Seven Ways to Die’ is hard rock at its finest with the sleazy driven guitars perfectly mixed with the vocal strategy that is Buckcherry through and through, in this case doing as it says on the tin, sending you in a spin overfilling your time between living and your demise. Track 8 is ‘air’, the tempo of the track is slowed down to allow the audience to catch their breath, until the riffage builds up and up, another song about love in a true Buckcherry format, that the fans will love. ‘Sloth’ is a slow ballad if that is what you can call it, to fast to call it a ballad but to slow to call it Hard Rock gem. It is uniquely Buckcherry, like a theatrical persona that is unmistakable.

‘Pride’ is a mixture of classic back beat with spoken word. Josh letting the lyrics do the talking, before the harmonious chorus takes stage centre. The lyrics paint a glorious picture that you can imagine exactly what was being thought as the song unravels before you. Track 11 is ‘Envy’ overdriven bass hooks intermixed with a deadly back beat. The guitars seem to be driven to sync with the lyrics of obsession and hatred of being envious of someone else’s life. Glouriously Buckcherry! The penultimate track is ‘Lust’ a usual styling of Sleazy, heavy musicianship, that gets your heart pounding when you find something you want, in their case about orgasmic exuberance over a certain lady. And finally ‘Dreamin’ of you’ is an acoustic stripped back song nothing takes away from the warmth, and soulfulness that makes you feel about that special person in your life, even with a guitar solo that Hank Marvin and the Shadows would have been proud of.

This album is exactly what you would expect from Buckcherry, a musicianship that just cries out excellence. An instant classic. I just hope that the screenplay gets commissioned as this soundtrack paints pictures that only Buckcherry can.

I so wanted to find something I wouldn’t like about this album, but from the art work and the showmanship there is nothing that I can find fault with apart from that by the time the album finished you feel like you have to play it again and again and again.

I have to give it 10/10, if you love Buckcherry you will love it, and if you haven’t heard of Buckcherry, this is an amazing introduction to a classic Hard Rock band.

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Buckcherry are:

Josh Todd- Vocals
Keith Nelson- Guitar
Stevie D- Guitar
Jimmy Ashurst- Bass
Xavier Muriel- Drums