Album Review: Buckcherry 'Best Of'

Buckcherry- the Best of...

So here we are, looking at back at career highlights of a great rock n roll band.

The opening track from the Best of is 'Lit Up'. The track that drew my attention to the band from the album 'Buckcherry' and is the very first track off the album. It is pure, raw, unadulterated Buckcherry. It is an anthemic, crowd pleasure which lyrically Josh excels about a bad time in his life.

For the Movies, slows things down. Again this track is taken from their debut album, and shows a lighter, story telling side to the band. It has been a staple of their live set for years, and its a time to get your lighters up.

Next up is the downwardly, dirty, sleazy 'Ridin'. Ballsy riffs, stomping drums, and again another staple for the Buckcherryettes and the faithful.

The next track is taken from the album '15' and breaks down to a beautiful concoction of lyrics, backline and harmonious guitars. Following on from this, is 'Next 2 you' again taken from '15', This song shows off what the band is about.

'Everything' is next. Also, from '15' is anthemic masterclass of how to succinct lyrics about thoughts, dreams and fantasies, and when mixed with a musical score that sings at you gives you goosebumps.

The next track needs no introduction... It is one of the reasons, I have scratches down my back. It is legendary 'Crazy Bitch', enough said.

Next up is my all time favourite... It is an education into storrytelling. The inspiration Josh and the guys got from one book 'A child called it' is awesome. It you haven't gathered its 'Rescue Me'. I even read the book, after listening to the track

'Rose' track 9... A driving song that also comes from 'Black Butterfly' like 'Rescue Me'. It also reminds me of Buckcherry playing live, and singing along whilst driving to holidays with my fiance (soon to be wife).

'All Night Long' taken from 'All Night Long' says everything what you expect from a buckcherry gig. You want it to go all night long!.

No, best of would be complete without a dip into the latest album. Now, I bring you 'Gluttony'. This is the hard rock sleaze which only Buckcherry can bring, even with Jesus in the video, and then lastly, 'Nothin' left but tears' a fitting tribute to the era of Buckcherry.

Now, Buckcherry coniseurs may look and go... Where is 'Slammin', or 'Porno Star' or the most beautfil ghost track ever written 'Open my eyes'. But in my opinion, this album shows what the band is all about. All killer tracks, nothing left to fill any gaps. It must have been a difficult process to narrow it down. But why spoil a winning formula.

To Josh, Stevie, Keith, Jimmy and Xavier, thank you.,

An Eyes From The Mosh Pit, must buy.... 10/10 \m/

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit

Review:Buckcherry - Best Of