Album Review: Buckcherry 'F' ep

Buckcherry F (Fuck) EP

Released August 19th 2014

F-bomb records

Review by Marie Mayes

Track listing
1. Somebody F#cked with me
2. Say F#ck it
3. The Motherf#cker
4. I don’t give a F#ck
5. Fist F#ck
+ Bonus track

Ok so I have been waiting for the new ep from these guys, but I’m a huge fan so always wait very impatiently on any new releases, this was released while I was pregnant and well I have to say I was not as excited as I usually am when these guys release a new album but I had it ordered for day of release as usual and must admit I didn’t put it straight on the cd player.

I had heard the tracks so was not in a hurry to listen to the cd in full however I have now listened to the EP many times and it’s a typical hard rock angry but fun Buckcherry album.Buckcherry have released this ep under their own label entitled F -bomb records and this is their first release on the label.

Those familiar with the band will know there infamous tracks such as Crazy bitch and lit up and this album even though it’s great doesn't give the same feel good attitude these tracks have it's a more angry in your face record but still follows the style of the band . This EP is a concept ep that contains tracks contain the word Fuck to bring it all together .The stand out track to me has to be ‘The motherfucker’ it’s got the typical Buckcherry sound and I just love it. The track ‘say fuck it’ is a take on the Icona pop single’ I love it (I don’t care) ‘and I first heard them play there version of this live at Bristol at the end of their uk tour last December and have a copy of the lyrics from the stage that I was given at the end of the gig. Me and my son loved the vibe of the track and in my opinion it’s much better than the pop version.’ I don’t give a fuck ‘sounds very childlike but with that I don’t care attitude it again says it all with the title it’s a in your face track that has a bit of annoyance to it but not in a bad way it’s the attitude the track gives out that defines the track . 'it's a fucking disaster' is a bit slower than the other tracks to start with and seems to have more of a meaning behind it focusing on a bad relationship but again it may start slow but it soon becomes very angry and loud as the track progresses’ Somebody fucked with me’ is again another angry track basically saying a big fuck you to literally everyone with any power and yeah I love it it’s a great track to crank up loud when you’re really in a bad mood. The last track on the Ep is ‘Fist fuck’ this is my least favourite track on the EP it’s a fast track with a punk feel and am sure it’s going to be one of them that will grow on you the more you listen to it . The bonus track available on some versions of the EP is the bands version of Aerosmith’s mamma kin and being a Aerosmith fan I was really looking forward to hearing Josh’s lyrics but he has such a strong voice he pulls it off and you can see his voice fits the track brilliantly and you can tell he is having a ball covering this track leaving you imagining his cheeky swagger as they are recording .All that's missing from the image in my mind is the scarves from the microphone that’s got to be a Steven Tyler trademark only Mr Tyler can have, sorry josh .

All in all a great album that is well worth the money. I like many others are Just eagerly awaiting for the next release now from the guys, am sure from rumours the wait won’t be too long here’s hoping.

I can’t be biased and give this album 10/10 so am going to go with a friends rating and give it 8/10

I would also like to say a huge congratulations to Stevie d and his wife on the birth of their little boy from Marie and the team at eyes from the moshpit we hope to see you all soon:)

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