Review: Bowling For Soup-Songs People Actually Liked- Volume 1

Bowling For Soup release a greatest hits compilation showcasing the bands first 10 years 1994-2003. Re-recorded classics from the pop-punk rockers back catalogue. For me this is a jaunt back through my teenage years. There all their... Emily, Girl All the Bad Guys Want, Punk Rock 101. The Bitch Song.

The best thing I always have liked about Bowling For Soup, is that the songs you can all relate to. Songs about girlriends, breakups, and in the case of the new song '20 years (that's a lot of beers)' reminscining about great memories.

This album, is tongue in cheek, and does exactly what it says on the album cover, with respect to the 'Songs People Actually Liked'. If you have not been around as long as me and remember the first song they released in 1994, then you need this album to give you an insight into the band.

This gives me great memories of watching the guys at Download with a big inflatable sheep. This band will always give you a smile, guys like you and me, singing about songs you can relate to, and will always bring back great memories.

I have to give this album 8/10, as after all it is a compilation CD and in the bands immortal lyrics from Sandwich 'its time to get the blank out of here' and'compilations piss you off'. Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit