Review: Billy Idol : Kings and Queens of the Underground

Never has a man epitomised rock and roll like icon 'Billy Idol'. He has seen, lived and survived the Rock and Roll industry for years, and to coincide with his autobiography release 'Dancing with Myself', he releases 'Kings of Queens of the Underground'. Which on the offset a retrospective look at his legendary career, to coincide with his autobiography.

His career has spawned almost 40 years in the music industry from the late '70's with Generaition X, followed by his solo career in the early '80's with 'Don't Stop'. This is Mr Idol's 16th Album, yet it still is dinstictive 'Billy'

When you think of Billy Idol you immediately think of 'Rebel Yell' and 'White Wedding', and for the movie buffs his appearance in 'The Wedding Singer'. With his autobiography, he has turned his hand to everything you could think, Singer/ Songwriter, Author, and Actor.

Similarly, to his autobiography, the album is a scintiliating, electric and honest retrospective look through his career. Starting with 'Bitter Pill' which starts through the sneering punk fuelled anthemic beats and rhythms that is simply Billy Idol. An idiosyncratic approach to his songwriting that has survived the times. The scintilating journey through the mind and thoughts of Billy Idol carries through the album till you reach 'Postcards from the Past'.

Postcards from the Past is everything you know and love from this beloved rogue. A formula that has served through him well through the years, hard fast paced beats, screaming punk guitar riffs and vocals that sneer and snarl that epitomise his all time classic we all know and love. This leads of to the title track 'Kings and Queens of the Underground' which is a mellow, acoustic beautiful yarn through his retrospective storytelling of his career spanning 40 years.

The rest of the album is just eclectic and simply put is dinstinctively Billy Idol. The curtain call is 'Whisky and Pills' that a sleavy, hard edged rock track that brings the album to a kicking and screaming finale.

A masterful display of songwriting and iconic electric riffs that scintilate Billy Idol. I give the album a 9/10, a pure honest, raw album that epitomises his illustrious career.

Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit.