Review: Bigfoot: Stone Soldiers

Bigfoot return with the follow up EP to their debut EP. How would be a great way to descirbe what you hear... Well, classic rock, AOR, sleazy stadium hard rock.

The title track from the EP is 'Stone Soldiers' anthemic back lines, vocals from great AOR bands of yesteryear, and vocal harmonies that stand hairs on end. This is how you follow up in my opinion as one of the finest debut EP's you could imagine.

'In the gutter' springs to life with a drum line twisted sister would be proud of, then a funky guitar riff from extreme. Then breakdowns which are like a lion ready to pounce, ready to build up to a crescendo. Face-melting guitar riffage, with a complete sound that most bands couldnt ever replicate in years of trying. There is somethign about this band that you should stand up and take note about.

'Run' wouldnt be misplaced on a Motley Crue album. Or to quote from the song 'is it just me, myself and I!?!'.

'Just like me' is down right, dirty and sleazy. The back beat is almost Industrial in its beginnings, something that twiggy would help Marilyn Manson with. This band have a style, musicians and a vocal talent that is a pretty outlandish for a band on there 2nd EP.

So how do you finish off the 2nd EP?... well, the guys finish it with 'Blame it on the dog' a blues driven hard rock sound that describes a heavy whisky ladden night out with 'Shaft' by your side. 'Got to get it off your chest' as the song says. Well, not much else to say to but this band are becoming one of my all time favourites. A must listen to for all music enthusiasts and hard rock fans. I am struggling to find fault with another great rock EP. I have to give 9/10, rock fused funk, blues and AOR to keep ou entertained for ever. \m/ Andy for Eyes From the Mosh Pit