Review Bigfoot: EP

Take me back to a time that rock has lost, and you will find me rocking out to 'Bigfoot'. Take all best bits from the '70s with the big bluesy rock guitar riffs, then take the '80s AOR vocal harmonies, take the '90s attitudes, and mix them with a hard hitting backline and you have almost the complete rock band. Then if you take some powerful vocals in the style of icons over the years and you will to understand why these guys are destined for greatness.

'Tie me down' and spank me, you cant help get lost in the blues, funk, rocked edge think Extreme and your getting there. Are you ready to dance with devil? well, get your foot stomping, and your head banging to 'Bitch Killer' even with the subtle breakdowns, and tempo changes round every corner brings a new element to the song as it erupts and evolves in front of you.

'Come down my way' slows the pace, but where some bands loose the edge and can loose the listeners. The layers are there to build the tension and suspense matched by the lyrics that take you on a ramble down the road. Then the cresecendo hits and those pitched harmonies add the final element its like watching painters at work, building up slowly to create a masterpiece. Little bits of perfection, create something that imposes a big shadow. Dark, hypnotic and beautifully crafted.

Have you ever been to 'The other side of paradise?' it dark, sultry, and anthemic. 'Ending' brings down the climax onto the EP with a stripped back acoustic, haunting piano and harmonies that leave you screaming at the CD player 'NNNOOOOOOO'. If this is a sign of things to come, I'll be down the front with the rest of you.

If seeing is belieiving, then hearing is dreaming. Bigfoot have all the attributes to take the genre to the masses. I have to give 9.5/10 because I wanted more. Andy for Eyes From The Mosh Pit \m/